HelloFresh review

HelloFresh review

I’m a sucker for a coupon. I got a coupon for HelloFresh in my bag at the J. Crew Outlet (of all place.) So what the heck…I’ll try it!

So what is HelloFresh? HelloFresh is a healthy home delivery service. You signed up and pick your box, (selections range from veggies boxes to family boxes)  chose how many people and for how many meals. Pick a shipping date and the food is delivered straight to your door with all the ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the meal!  Pretty cool, huh!?

So is the food good? Is it fresh and healthy? Is it easy? Well read on because I will be taking you thru my first HelloFresh meal!

Yesterday, I got my first HelloFresh shipment. And the timing could not have been more perfect! No dinner plans, getting low on groceries, it was 4:45 and I was starting to get hungry! Saved by the bell. Literally. The doorbell and the UPS guy. So I opened it up and got to cooking.

 ( the boxes are insulated and comes with dry ice packs. And yes, everything was still cold.)

The first meal was Shrimp and Lemon Risotto, which was conveniently labeled “make me first.”  Everything you need is in the white box excluding things like oil, butter or salt n pepper.  The garlic, the onion, the lemon, EVERYTHING IS RIGHT THERE! The instruction card is worded clearly and comes with a few pictures.


Is it good? YES! This lemon risotto was delicious. I kept saying to myself “I can’t believe I made this!” Restaurant quality good! FIVE STARS! Here’s my finished product. 

Is it fresh and healthy? Fresh, Yes. Healthy, not soooo much. 

The quality of food was great. All the veggies were in great shape. no mold or funky smells for food that came from a box. Healthy? This meal packed 644 calories, 21g fat, 44g protein (that’s good) 73g carbs, 7g sugar, 863g sodium and 7g of fiber. Even though this meal was delicious,  this is not fat loss friendly. Everyone knows I’m a 80/20 girl, so this would be perfect on a “20” day! My husband and I occasionally have at home date nights. We put the little one to bed, make an amazing meal, get a bottle of wine and netflix and chill. This meal would be perfect for that! And no, I’m not trying to be cute with “netflix and chill.” We literally netflix and chill. 😉 BUT! I did look ahead to the next few meals and they much more fat loss friendly! 🙂

Is it easy? Step by step directions. It cannot get easier than that. Plus, you didn’t have to go to the grocery store…with a two year old. HelloFresh states that most meals are ready in 30 minutes. This one took me about 45 mins. I am a slow chopper and I had to stop and find my kid’s left shoe, then stop and take her to the bathroom, then stop restart Sophia the First. #momlife.

Overall, I’m a HelloFresh fan. Of course, I would love this to be more fat loss friendly, but practicing balance and portion control is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I’m really excited to see what else my HelloFresh box has to offer! Want to try HelloFresh for yourself? Well I’ve got a coupon code with your name on it!! Use code TE9DUV and you will get $40 off your first box! Give it a try! The only thing you have to lose is a trip to the grocery store. 

Thanks for reading!



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