Bikini Competition: Take Two

Bikini Competition: Take Two

Last year I started prepping for a bikini competition. With one week to go, I decided to drop out! You can read that post here and I still stick by that post 120%! So why am I doing this again? I honestly believe that if I don’t do this at least once, I will always look back with regret and wondered what it would be like to do a bikini competition. 

I want to do it better. I was a hot mess my last prep and totally got caught up in a crazy head game. I let a lot of outside influences overtake me mentally and I’m NOT having it this time around. 

It’s 100% for me. Last prep I started out with the “it’s a fun goal” attitude and it quickly morphed into a “I HAVE to win” attitude. It turned into constantly comparing myself to strangers and picking myself a part. I’m sorry but I don’t have the time or energy for that!

 Do I want to do well? Absolutely! But if I don’t…..oh well! For me it’s just about taking the journey and  actually completing it this time. At the end of the day the judges will give their opinion and score me on my physique. But it’s just that. An OPINION. It doesn’t determine my worth and it certainly doesn’t define who I am. 

Less Money.  The last show I was prepped for was crazy expensive. Not that any of these shows are cheap but it was out of town so I had extra hotel/travling cost. The show I’m doing now is in my home town, so no hotel required! Plus, I already have my suit and it’s begging to be worn! 

 I’m calling the shots. Last year I received my Nutrition Specialist certification and I’m ready to put my newly acquired knowledge to work! Nobody knows my nutritional needs/likes more than I do! When it gets closer to stage time, I will be working with Beyond Fit Mom, who is by far one the the best in the fit biz! I’ve been working with Kate for about a year now as a BeyondFit Trainer and we are all about DOING FITNESS BETTER! Now it’s time for me to DO BIKINI BETTER! 

And of course, I will be blogging,Instagraming and snapchatin’ my way through it all! 
Y’all stay tuned and thank you for taking this journey with me! Seriously….I’m SO excited! 



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