Bikini Prep: My nutrition and workouts

Bikini Prep: My nutrition and workouts


 I can’t believe I’m three weeks out from my first bikini competition! Well, it’s actually 2 weeks and 3 days but who’s counting. 😉

Most of you know that last year I attempted to prep for a fitness show only to drop out 1 week before. There were a lot of factors that went into the decision to drop out but honestly it was turning me into a miserable, broke person!

So why would I even attempt something that made me so miserable? Because I KNEW there was a better way and I could do this bikini thing on my own terms!

This prep and my last prep are like night and day. What’s the difference? My nutrition. Last time I ate the same thing Aside from that being extremely restricting and NO FUN, it was also starting to give me an unhealthy relationship with food. This time around I’m eating a huge variety of foods and even making my prep diet work in restaurants and even fast food! (I’ll share my favorite fast-food picks later in this post!)


My Nutrition

Before I even get started, I want to say if you’re reading this to get my exact meal plan, you’re going to be disappointed. I’m sorry, I love ya… but me giving you a copy-cat nutrition plan will do you no good. Unless you’re my clone. Nutrition plans for fitness competition are (or should be)  very personalized. Fitness competition = very lean. More lean than you need to be for general health and fitness. And these levels of leanness are often very hard to sustain outside of competition prep. So you really don’t need my meal plan! But don’t worry… I’m not going to leave you empty handed.

So what have I been going? Tracking my MACROS!

Don’t know what a macro is? No worries….I’ll explain. I remember several years ago hearing all these fit people talking about macros. I would just smile and nod but I have NO IDEA what they were talking about! I even remember typing into google “Where do I buy macros at?”

Macros= Macronutrients

Macronutrients are nutrients that provide calories or energy. Nutrients are substance needed for growth, metabolism, and other body functions. Since “macro” means large, macronutrients are nutrients needed in large amounts. Simply put macros are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. Each macro provides a certain amount of calories.

Carbohydrates = 4 calories per gram.

Protein = 4 calories per gram.

Fat = 9 calories per gram

So if you look at a nutrition facts label and it has 20g protein, 10g carbs, 5g fat you would know that is has 165 calories.

Protein grams 20 x 4= 80

Carbs grams 10 x 4= 40

Fat grams 5 x 9 = 45

= 165 calories

Tracking macros is  taking calories counting to the next step by breaking down your calories requirements into marcos. A good starting point for most people for fat loss is a basic guideline of consuming 40% complex carbohydrates, 30 % protein and 30 %  healthy fats.

Along with tracking my macros, I am also carb cycling. Carb cycling is strategically altering no-carb, low-carb and high-carb days. Carb cycling helps maintain lean muscle mass while cutting into low levels of body fat. (There will be an upcoming post about my carb cycling experience.)

My Workouts

Ahhh the fun part! Here is how I’ve set up my workout plan.

Monday – Full body circuit with a HEAVY shoulder work.

Tuesday – Sprints

Wednesday – Full body circuit with HEAVY lower body work.

Thursday – Cardio with a lot of stretching

Friday- Full body circuit with heavy shoulder work

Saturday – Leg day with glute concentration and SPRINTS

Sunday – REST

I do about 50% of my workout at home and 50% at the gym. I have a two year old and sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t get to the gym.

Bikini Prep Favorites

FAST-FOOD and Restaurant Favorites- yeah you heard me… FAST-FOOD

  1. Chipotle – my go to is a salad bowl  with double veggies, chicken, mild salsa and a small serving a guac. If it’s high carb day, I’ll add some black beans.
  2. Chick-fil-a – The grilled market salad is my go to! No dressing.
  3. Panera Bread– Greek Salad with grilled chicken. Olives on the side, no dressing.
  4. Outback- 6oz sirloin with veggies. If high carb day, sweet potato.

The best tip for eating out while reaching your fitness goals is to concentrate on PROTEIN and PRODUCE. You can’t go wrong with a lean cut of meat and a form of fruit or veggie. And of course, WATER!

I’m so excited to see what these last few weeks of prep hold and I cannot wait to hit the stage!

Also, I’m super excited because I will soon be launching  my Nutrition Coaching Program. And don’t worry, I’m NOT one of these girls that do one bikini prep and then start offering meal plans. I know all this can be very confusing and overwhelming. BUT I also know real-life, practical ways to get your nutrition on track and meet your goals!  I am a certified personal trainer and a nutrition specialist for health, wellness and sports. I’ve spent the last year studying nutrition and I have a passion for teaching people how to fuel their bodies THE RIGHT WAY!

Interested!? Fill out the contact form below for more information.

I cannot wait to see what these last few weeks hold and I’m so excited to hit the stage!




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