What’s next for me…

What’s next for me…

As most of you know, I just competed in my first bikini competition and I walked away with THREE trophies! Since then, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked “So, when is your next show?” “Gonna compete again?” YES, I will be competing again BUT it will be at least 9 months away….


9 months?!?! Yup. I’M PREGNANT!!


And it turns out I didn’t do my first show alone. I was actually 5 weeks when I hit the stage and had no clue! So crazy, right?! I know what you’re thinking, “Is that okay for the baby?” YES! I’m 100% natural, I took no crazy supplements( I don’t even use pre workout) and I didn’t do a hard core water depletion.




It all started during my peak week. I started feeling really tired but just chalked it up to peak week and lower carbs. I also felt really bloated. While I was practicing posing I notice that I couldn’t hold my stomach in and I just felts so heavy in the middle!


The days after the show the tiredness continued and my appetite picked up. My goal was to ease back into a “regular” diet but I was so hungry, I was practically  licking my plate clean. That paired with other classic pregnancy symptoms… I knew I needed to take a test.


I was out running some errands and shopping for a present for Jerett for Father’s Day. I was at Walgreen’s printing out a picture project and I thought “well….might as well buy a test while I’m here.” I had some time to kill before all my pictures were done printing and I went to a nearby Starbucks, pregnancy test in tow. I had to pee so no time like the present, right?! I honestly was expecting a negative result. I assumed since I just did my competition and was pretty lean, maybe it just throw off my cycle a bit. I did the deed, sat the test on the back of the toilet and went to the sink to wash my hands. It was one of the digital ones so it took a few minute. After I got done washing up and applying a fresh coat of  my NARS velvet matte lip pencil, I walk over and picked it up. When I saw the “YES +” I was shocked! And I won basic. Who else would take a pregnancy test in starbucks?!


I went back to Walgreen’s to pick up my prints and bought ANOTHER pregnancy test, because one isn’t good enough . This time one of the good ol’ fashioned ones. Went  home and headed straight for the bathroom. As soon as pee hit the stick it turned! No faint line or lag time, just a big positive sign!


“Hey Babe, come here a sec!” I shouted from the bathroom while staring down at the two positive pregnancy test.


Jerett walked in and I said “Don’t freak out” and looked down at the test. There was silence then he said “It’s gonna be another girl… I know it.”

His shock was equal to mine. Baby #2 wasn’t planned and honestly the timing is awful. Jerett was leaving the next day on a military assignment for 6 months, and we will be moving (not sure where yet) some time early next year. SO I will either be moving extremely pregnant or with a newborn.  But regardless of my thoughts on timing, I know God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect and I’m trusting him. Now that the initial shock has worn off, we are so so excited!



I’m so excited to be sharing my pregnancy journey with you all! I will be sharing my favorite safe for pregnancy skin care products, exercise and so so much more!


Here’s the first official bump date:


How far along: 9 weeks on Saturday (July 9th)

How big is the peanut: The size of a grape.

Total weight gain/loss: I started my pregnancy competition lean, so an initial weight gain was expected.  The day of my show I weighed 108 lbs, today I weigh 114 lbs. So I’m back to my normal weight so I’m going with no weight gain so far. 😉

Maternity Clothes: Nope.

Sleep: Like a rock!

Best moment this week: Getting to hear the heartbeat and see the little gummy bear!

Symptoms/ Morning sickness: The first trimester fatigue is so real but thankfully no morning sickness. I didn’t have any with my last pregnancy so I’m hoping for the same with this one.

Food Craving: Guacamole

Food Aversions: No food aversions but I suddenly cannot stand the sounds of someone chewing! It disgust me!  DO NOT come around me and chew with your mouth open. I WILL call you out! I have a theory for this sudden onset of Misophonia. My husband also suffers from the “I wanna punch you in the face for eating that chip” reaction to loud chewing SO I’m think that my pregnant with a boy that will be just like him! 😉

Gender: Too soon to know but I’m guessing a Boy!

What I miss: I’ve chilled on the coffee for my first trimester. I usually just stick to one cup of half regular/half decaf.

What I’m looking forward to: Actually showing! Nothing worse than being in that did she just have a big lunch or is she knocked- up phase.

Bump: Still in the did she have a big lunch phase. Pretty sure I will be show a lot sooner with the second. With Addison I didn’t really start showing till about 18 weeks and with this one I’ve already got a little pre-bump!

Exercise: Still at it! I’ve taken my sprints down a notch only because they totally wipe me out even more than they did before.  I try to do at least 30 minutes of something everyday, even if it is just going for a walk.

Goals for this pregnancy: Stay active and healthy! I’m not trying to crush a new weight lifting PR or run a marathon. Pregnancy exercise is all about maintenance!

This week’s takeaway: Listen to your body! If you’re tired, rest! Making a baby is hard work. Mama’s deserve to kick their feet up once in a while.

Well here we go! Can’t wait to meet baby #2 in February 2017!




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