16 Fun First Pregnancy Facts

16 Fun First Pregnancy Facts

1. Addison is our “Operation Enduring Freedom Baby.” Jerett got home from Afghanistan in October and Addison was born in July. Do the math. 😉
(Home at Last! ❤️🇺🇸)

2.) The night before I found out I was pregnant, I threw a glass of wine at my husband. Can you say hormonal? 

3.) I found out I was pregnant the morning of the Marine Corps Ball.

(Just a few hours after we found out! )

4.) I got the flu when I was 10 weeks pregnant. In my adult life, I’ve never had a flu shot or the flu but at my yearly appointment prior to even getting pregnant my Doctor advise me to get one. I did and a few months later got the flu. Haven’t had a flu shot since and don’t plan on it. #toeachtheirown 

5.) I moved from North Carolina to Florida at 14 weeks. We did a ditty move (know in the military world as a “do it yourself move”) and I made the drive down following a big yellow moving truck with Hank (big chocolate lab) riding shot gun. 

(First offical bump pic in our empty house right befor leaving North Carolina)  

6.)After getting settled  in Pensacola, we did our first McGuire’s Run 5 months pregnant. 

(Shirt caption- “he got luck 5 months ago” And can we please discuss how tall the guy in the back ground is?!)

7.) I did yoga and ran several times a weeks. 

(Post gym bump selfie!) 

8.)I failed my one hour glucose test.

9.) I failed my three hour test too. 

10.) I “had” gestational diabetes. I say “had” because after months of monitoring and sticking my finger several times a day, I never got a high blood sugar reading. Even after pasta. I gain 19 lbs my whole pregnancy and had a 6 lbs baby. So I “had” GB. Maybe I just didn’t study hard enough for my glucose test? 🤔

11.) My goal was a natural/ unmediated birth because 1.) I think it’s something my body was made to do and 2.) the thought of an needle going into my spine freaks me out more than the thought of pushing a baby out. But hey…to each its own. No judgement. 

12.) I forced my husband to take a 6 week “Bradley Method” natural birthing class. He was resistant at first but ended up really enjoying it. When the class was over he said he was pretty sure he could deliver a baby now.

13.) I obsessively cover my belly in oils and creams to keep the stretch marks bay. 

(Greasy baby bump) 

14.) I didn’t get any stretch marks 

15.) Thankfully, I went into labor on my own and was able to reach my goal of a unmedicated birth. 

(The morning before Addison was born) 

16.) I’m hoping this pregnancy will be as good as my last! Fingers crossed!  

( One of my favorite pictures. This was Thanksgiving 2012 on the NC coast. Not many people knew it then, but they were looking at a family of 3. 4 including Hank.)


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