14 Week update

14 Week update

How far along: 14 weeks. Yay for officially in the second trimester!

How big is the peanut:
The size of a Lemon

Total weight gain/loss:
 Total gain so far is 4 lbs 

Maternity Clothes:
No maternity clothes but I’m all about flowy and my yoga pants are getting tight!

Still good! I’m naturally a belly sleeper which has pretty much come to an end!

Best moment this week:  
The awful hormonal chin acne starting to go away thanks to Belli

Feeling pretty good and symptom free.

Food Craving:
 Red meat! I need burgers and steak in my life!

Too soon to know BUT the appointment is made to find out! Come on Sept 3rd!

What I miss:
Botox. Just keeping it real. 

What I’m looking forward to:
Finding out the sex! Pink or Blue! 

Bump: It’s here. Still not very big but you can feel it popping out above my pelvic bone!

 As a personal trainer, I stay active with my clients and teaching classes BUT this week’s goal is to focus on MY workouts. It’s all about safe core exercise and I will be sharing them with you all next week!


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