My First Bikini Competition

My First Bikini Competition

So I just realized I never did a post-bikini competition blog post! I found out I was pregnant the week after the show sooo THAT kinda took over my mind. Life has been kinda crazy since then but even though the show was 4 months ago (seriously, where does time go?) I want to share my show day experience with you all.

The show day experience started the day before with getting spray tanned.  For whatever reason, I was really looking forward to getting that crazy competition tan. I don’t know why! I’m pretty sure the excitement masked the low carb fog of peak week.

I showed up at the host gym, got checked in, got my height card (I’m for sure 5’3 and now I have a card to prove it) when waited in line to get the of so coveted spray tan, after dropping  $125 bucks. Yup. That’s how much they cost. If you’ve ever considered doing a bikini competition, you need to be ok with nudity. Nobody warned me about the nudity factor, so I’m warning you, just incase.

I walked into the designated tanning room, a group exercise room full of little tanning pods. I was directed to my pod and was told to strip it down. You have privacy in the pod BUT you walk from your waiting pod to the pod you actually get the tan in totally naked. Annddd as you walk to get sprayed you get to see every other naked ladies while passing. Great way to scope out the competition.😉   This is the time I really dropped my pride… After getting my front side tanned, I was instructed to turn around, do a little squat and stick it out! Gotta make sure all those creases are nice and tan too. And yes, it is beyond awkward! I was seven shades of red…. and deep brown/orange. After getting tanned, I awkwardly walked back to my pod, still nude (arms out stretched, legs stiff)  to dry. It was June in Florida and we were crammed into a stuffy group exercise room so standing in front of the fans was actually really nice! When I was dry enough to dress, I discovered my pants were too tight! They said to wear loose fitting pants but I guess mine weren’t  loose enough. One of the girls working there actually told me change into looser pair as soon as I got home or it could mess up my tan! I obeyed! Of course, this information made me absolutely paranoid and freaked out that I just ruined my $125 tan and that the judges would find me absolutely repulsive and score me down. I changed as soon as I got home and felt somewhat better but still worried over my leg creases that look really dark. I double checked my list, made sure everything was ready to go for the big day, then it was off to bed for a crazy early wake up call. 4:00am, that’s still night time in my book. 


As much as I tried to sleep it just wasn’t happening. I was so nervous and excited about the day i’ve worked so hard for. So many thoughts were going through my head, it was so hard to silence them. When I did finally fell asleep, I would wake up and look at my phone to make sure I didn’t over sleep. When my alarm finally when off at 4 am, I was relieved. Because 1.) It was show day and 2.) It was time to EAT! And eat CARBS for that matter! I ate then got busy on my hair. At this point, I was super excited. I guess those carbs kicked it 🙂 and I was about to get my makeup done. I LOVE having my makeup professionally applied and couldn’t wait  to have a face full of stage makeup.  I had my makeup done by Candice Keene. Candice is IFBB Figure Pro, she has about a million bodybuilding trophies, is a makeup artist, offers online training and posing coach. On top of all that, she super sweet! She actually told me that morning that she was pregnant! Little did we know there was actually two pregnant ladies in my kitchen that day. I could not have been happier with how my makeup turned out. It was perfect!

After makeup came hair again. I wore some extension for a little extra length, so my sister came over and helped me put them in.  Not only did my sister’s wake up early to help me out, it was also her birthday and she let me borrow her extensions for the big day. She’s the best!  I was all glammed up and it was time to head to the venue. This is when the nerves REALLY kicked in. I probably double check my bag 5 times to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything at home.

I got to the venue, checked in, got my tan touched up and when to the athletes meeting. I got settled into the dressing room and the waiting game began. Bikini division was last on the line up. Time went by pretty fast because it was so fun chatting with all the girls! I’ve heard horror stories about backstage sabotages but everyone was so sweet and really supportive! When it was finally bikini time, I was actually really excited and not nervous at all! This was the part I’ve been wait for! Getting on stage and working those poses that I’ve practiced for sooo long!

For pre judging, we did our front pose, turn and back pose. Then it was a game of simon says. Turn left, Turn right, turn around, switch places. If you ever do a bikini competition be sure to LISTEN! You could tell the judges would get annoyed when they had to repeat themselves. Thankfully, I listen and didn’t miss anything.  They moved us around a lot and it was kinda hard to tell where I was in the lineup (being center is usually a good thing) BUT I knew I wasn’t on the end! I did this a total of three times. I enter the novice, open and master division. After judging it  was lunch time. Off to Chipotle! After lunch, I stopped in at my friend Brandy’s baby shower then headed home for a quick nap. I was feeling the sleepless night at this point.

It was time for the night show and  I couldn’t wait to get on stage again. I really wasn’t worried about placing. Sure, I wanted to but at that point I already felt a great sense of accomplishment! The night show went by so fast and before you knew it, it was bikni time! They called us out one by one for our posing routines then it was time for trophies! They called out the 3rd and 2nd place winner….then it was time to announce the first place winner. And they called MY NAME! I won the novice division! I cannot describe how it felt to stand there on stage with a trophy in my hand. All the hard work paid off. All the sacrifice, all the sore muscle, everything was worth it! A Mom of a two year won a bodybuilding trophy. My name was called out two more times. Second place in the short open division and 2nd place in masters. To say it was a great time would be a total understatement.

After the show, my husband and I headed to Mellow Mushroom where I  enjoy a pizza, coke and ice cream cookie sundae. At this point I couldn’t wait to get a shower and take out my hair extension! That night I slept like a baby. A smiling, tummy full of pizza baby.

I get asked a lot if I will ever do another show. And yes, I would totally do another after baby #2 but I don’t think it will be a every year kinda thing for me. My big priority now (other than my family) is my online training! I absolutely LOVE helping women feel great about themselves and teach them how to incorporate fitness into their lives in practical ways. I can’t wait to see where it goes and I’m looking forward to building relationship with some amazing ladies.

Thanks for reading! 

~ Lindsey 

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