Fit for the Holidays 

Fit for the Holidays 

I LOVE the Holidays! There’s just something about them. Cooler weather, hot coffee, fuzzy boots, sweater, family, Christmas movies and music. I could go on alll day about why I love this time of year but I’ll spare you.

The holidays are such a magical time but they can also come with a lot of stress. It can become even harder to stay on track with your fitness goals but I want to help you to help you keep those extra holiday pounds off and get you on the right track before the New Year!

This is the time of year where people throw in the towel. They say I’m gonna eat what I want and enjoy the Holidays. I’ll deal with my goals Jan 1st.


Then your 10 lbs heavier and just that much further from your goal. Get a jump on the new year goals by keeping active and practicing balance during the holiday! And let me help you!

I’m so excited to be doing my first ever Fit for the Holidays Challenge!

With this challenge you will get:

  • 6 Workouts
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Weekly Focus Goal
  • Tips and tricks on how to keep your workouts a priority
  • And learn to stop the guilt cycle when it comes to holiday eating.
  • Motivation, Coaching and Support.

All this for ONE DOLLAR! Yup. That’s right. $1  #onedollamakemeholla

This challenge will start November 14th and will end December 31st.

I’m so excited to work directly with you!  Sign up here! We get started November 14th!

Seriously, so excited about this!



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