Balance during the holidays

Balance during the holidays

Let’s face it. NO one wants to be THAT person at a Christmas party. You know who I’m talking about. The person that won’t even smell a cookie because they are afraid of gaining weight. That is NO FUN! And to be completely honest, I’m NOT THAT GIRL! When I go to a Christmas Party, Birthday Party, Cookout, whatever, I enjoy myself. Why? Because I have truly found balance in my approach to fitness and eating and I will share exactly how you can too!

1. Be Scheduled- Good news. Most Christmas Parties aren’t last minute. You often know weeks before your scheduled event. So the day of think about your eating. For instance, if it is Thanksgiving morning keep your breakfast low in starchy carbs and focus on protein and veggies. Most traditional Thanksgiving meals are high in starchy carbs. So if you balance out those carbs by limited them in the morning you can still enjoy those higher carbs items at dinner. Add veggies to your Thanksgiving plate and eat them first. This is give you good nutrition, plus take the edge off your hunger.

2. Stay hydrated- it will help keep your metabolism up and help to flush out excess toxic. Drink ½ body weight in ounce a day. I personally strive for a gallon a day.

3.) Keep Moving- Heading out for a christmas party in the evening? Plan your workout in the morning. Your LLF workouts are less than 30 mins and can be done ANYWHERE!

4.) Enjoy A slice of pie- Yes you heard me right. ENJOY your favorite treats…in a sensible  way. Eat the cookie, have a slice of that pecan pie, Have a SLICE. Not 2 or three. Enjoy your slice. Sit and take it in! Eat it slow, actually taste it! Don’t gobble it down while chasing your kids around. Sit. Eat. Taste, Enjoy.

And here’s the cool thing, when your are consistent with good eating and regular workouts you can “Afford” that dessert.

5.) Embrace self care- Change your mindset. Instead of thinking that you HAVE to workout to be thin or you CAN’T enjoy dessert because it will make you gain weight, think of workout and healthy eating as taking care of yourself.

A part of taking care of ourselves is honoring our bodies. Our bodies don’t need three slices of pumpkin pie. When you go back for seconds stop for a minute and think “why do I want more?” Am I hungry? Or am I going back for an emotional fulfilment?


6.) get right back to normal- Pick up right where you left. If you have an office lunch party and overindulge a bit, pick your normal healthy foods at dinner. Don’t think “well today’s healthy eating is shot, so let’s order a pizza” Get right on track and you will physically and mentally feel so much better.
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