Crew’s Birth Story 

Crew’s Birth Story 

It all started Feb 1st…well actually January 31st. I showed up to my 38 week appointment on the 31st only to be told my appointment was actually the next day. Me: Are you sure? I’m 100 percent sure the Dr said Tuesday.

Receptionist: Do you have your appointment card? 

Me: (frantically searching my purse for the appointment care because it will most certainly say today and not tomorrow) 

Yes, I do! 

I found the card in the mess of my purses only to see that my appointment was, in fact, tomorrow. 

At this point I was so anxious for this appointment that in my mind I made it a day sooner. This was the appointment when we were going to find out if the baby flipped out of the breech position. And If he didn’t it was going to be the appointment where we discussed ECV. This was the appointment where I would get answers. Waiting another 24 hours seemed like an eternity. I felt stupid, embarrassed and disappointed. “I wanna know what the hell is going on now!” I said to my husband while fighting back tears. When we got home I when into my room and pouted for a while, like any mature adult would do. Didn’t even make dinner that night. #wifeskills 

24 agonizing hours later, we are back at the doctors office. They took me right in to do my ultrasound. Part of me already knew that the baby had not flipped. I still felt the same bulges in the same movements in the same places but I was still hoping for a flipped. 
The tech placed the tools high on my tummy and sure enough it was a head. A part of me was sad but I wasn’t surprised. 
She moved it around to check my fluid. She didn’t say much and only look for a minute or so. I knew something was off but tried to remain hopeful. 
“We gonna name this baby stubborn.” Was the first thing my Doctor said when she walked in the room. We all had a good giggle then she said “It’s time to have a baby.” 

The amniotic fluid was low…too low. So low that it was preventing Crew from flipping out of a breech position. Not energy c section low but low enough for my Doctor schedule it for the next day. 
We chatted a few minutes about the surgery, signed some paper work and did blood work. At this point it really didn’t sink in that I was having a baby tomorrow because I was too concerned about my other baby! 
We don’t have any family in the local area (military life) so I had to make child care arrangements for Addison ASAP. I had a friend on call if I went into labor but had to also arranged getting her to school the next day, getting her picked up and care for the next 48 hours while I was in the hospital. 
My first choice for child care is my mom but we live in North Carolina and my mom lives in Florida. After we left the Doctor’s office, still kinda in shock, I called my Mom and told her that tomorrow was THE DAY. We were one of the last appointments that day so it was already about 5:30 PM when I told my mom the news. She hung up and booked the 5am flight to NC. Aren’t Moms the best? 
My husband, Jerett, and I were still kinda in disbelief that we would have another baby the next day. (This was the first and he was due on the 11th) Even though I had chicken enchilada cooking in the crock pot, we opted for a “Last dinner out as a family of three” at one of our local favorites. 

(Our sweet waitress made us a special dessert.) 

Once home, I started getting my bag ready and in true fashion I hadn’t wash my hair in like 6 days so it HAD to get wash and dried. At this point I knew for about a week that I could be facing a C-section and if HAD to have one, I was gonna go full on posh for my surgery. I was gonna get a blow out, get a manicure, lashes, the whole thing! But the whole “you’re having a c section tomorrow” thing threw a big monkey wrench in my whole “too posh to push” glamour plans. But I had to wash my hair because Lord knows when it would get done again. 
Got my hair did, then it was time to put Addison to bed. I think I felt every emotion possible while I laid next to her in her bed. I was so happy she was going to have a brother but so sad that is was our last night where it was just me and my girl. I knew life would forever change the next day and it was so bitter sweet tucking her in one last time as an only child. 
I didn’t sleep well that night. Way too much on my mind. 
The next morning, we got Addison off to school and headed to the hospital. Jerett and I were both excited and a little nervous. Jerett, who is usually super composed, sat on what he thought was a chair only to find out it’s was a magazine table and almost fell right off of it. We both had a good laugh which helped calmed the nerves. 

The final bump pic! 

I got back in pre-op and my nurse got me all hooked up to what felt like 100 IV’s (it was two, I’m dramatic.) The nurse was super sweet and it was actually her birthday! So fun that my nurse and my baby had the same birthday. 

Once I was all set, they let Jerett come back and wait with me. The nurses had on the radio and it was like the best station EVER! All up beat and fun party songs. Jerett and I jammed, took pictures, joked around with the nurses and actually had a good time while waiting for my turn in the OR. 

And just like magic, my mom appeared! She made it to NC before the baby was born and in time to get Addison from schools. Mom magic is real. It was only like 10am at this point.

“Ok. They are ready for you!” The OR team came and wheeled me away. It was time to meet Crew! I was excited but crazy nervous, mostly because of the epidural. The thought of a needle in my spine freaks me out to the core. It’s one of the main reason I did my first birth unmediated. But it literally took second and basically painless. My toes were immediately numb and it just worked its way up. I kept saying “I’m not going to feel anything, right?! Which I’m sure was super annoying to the anesthesiologist. 

They laid me on my back, got the curtain up and then everything started to get blurry. I laid there staring up at the big round surgical lights and though “Yup. I’m dying.” My vision when black and white, I felt a sick feeling in my stomach and started gagging. I told my nurse I wasn’t feeling good and she replied with a “oh honey, I know!” Turns out my blood pressure dropped big time after the anesthesia and I wasn’t actually dying. (See. Total drama queen) 
All the sudden I went from about to pass out to running a marathon. The nurse jacked me up with epinephrine to raise my blood pressure. My head was pounding, heart was racing and I was pouring sweat. Strangest feeling ever! 

The nurse told me to give it and second and I’d level out, I did, they bought in Jerett and the surgery began. 
During the surgery I only felt a little pressure but no pain. It only took a few minutes and I heard a sweet little whimper. “HERE HE IS!” I got a quick glance and the pediatric team got busy checking him out. They brought him over to me and I got to meet my sweet boy. 
I did skin to skin and nursed while they were closing me up. There’s never a good way to describe the first time you see your baby but it’s the best moment in your life. Understatement for sure. 

The baby team, Crew and Jerett went to the nursery and I went to recovery. As my boys were leaving the OR I yelled out to Jerett “Don’t take your eyes off of him!” 
The hour in recovery was the longest hour ever. I wanna hold my baby! I wanna look at his toes and hear his little noises, gimme my baby! 
When we all got settled in our room, my mom brought Addison in to meet her brother. Another moment that cannot be described. But from that moment on I knew Addison would be an amazing big sister. She gave him a soft kiss and sang him a little song then wanted to leave because Nana bought her a new toy that was at home. I knew she would do just fine. 

48 hours of an uncomplicated hospital stay, we headed home as a family of four. 

Even though this isn’t how I imagined Crew’s birth, it worked out perfectly. God had a hand in every moment that day. From the nurses, to my doctor,to the timing, to Mom making on time, to Crew being healthy. EVERYTHING played out perfectly that day and I am forever grateful for a sweet and healthy little boy. 

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