I recently had my second baby, this time I had to have a c-section. My baby boy would not flip from the breech position so c-section it was. C-section recovery was no joke and sidelined me from working out longer than I would have like. During this time of recovery I stepped away from my online training and was able to see the fitness world as an outsider. And honestly I kinda got annoyed.  I got annoyed with girls straddling a chair in a thong “inspiring” you to get your workout in.

I got annoyed with “fitness professional” using jargon that only other fitness professionals would get and totally going over the heads of the people they are supposedly trying to help. 

I got annoyed seeing “6 pack in 6 weeks” programs getting marketed to new moms. 

And mostly I got annoyed with the fitness industry putting the importance on aesthetics over health. 

What happened to just being healthy? 

Why are we putting more stock in six pack abs over gut health? 

Why are we worried about cellulite and not worried about actual nutritional needs? 

Why are we worried about love handles and not disease prevention? 
Why are we putting aesthetic over our health? 
And yes, I get it! We all want to feel comfortable in our own skin BUT in some situations a six pack doesn’t = healthy.
I think we need to take healthy back! 
Let’s focus on fueling our bodies with good nutrients for the benefit of our health verse choking down food that you hate only to fit into a pair of skin jeans. 
Let’s take healthy back! (Cue the JT Sexy back beat) 
I’ve teamed up with my sweet friend and fellow fitness instructor Cristie to share healthy tips and recipes to help you make eating healthier tasty, easier and exciting! 

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See ya there! ~Lindsey